Hey guys!

You don’t exist.

I’ve not written for a while, but I’ve been running loads. Today I ran home pretty quickly. The other day I ran quite far in one go. It’s going fine. I’m currently trying to match January’s milleage by running 100k in February. I’ve done 70k. There’s about a week left, so I’m not really on track, but I’ll do it guys, don’t worry.

Oh hi.

I’ve been running quite a bit, but I forgot to tell you (who?) about it. I’ve pretty much decided not to do that marathon in Zurich, mainly because I seem to be running quite a lot without the threat of a marathon to train for, but also because running a marathon is probably bad for you. Instead, I’ve decided to run the Bristol 10K, but like, really really fast. And I’m going to run 1018K in 2018. I’ve already done about 130K, so only loads to go.