Today I ran 5K in under 30 minutes, which is very quick for me. Later, I ate over half a large takeaway pizza. Can’t believe the cheek on Pizza Hut pretending to be anything better than Pizza GoGo. Compared to Dominos, these guys are amateurs. Get back to the 90s!


I decided to go for a run because it’s 2018 now and I spent the last two weeks of 2017 eating, lounging on the sofa and occasionally googling the symptoms of a heart attack (anxiety-induced rather than the direct result of my unhealthy lifestyle).

The first 10K for a very long time. My knees and hips are not thanking me, but it reminded me that it probably won’t take me that long to get back in to running long distances, if I try a bit harder.

At the end, when I was trying to make up the distance by running around the back of the co-op, I saw a woman shitting against a wall. She was wearing sunglasses and I will probably never forget the unexpected image. 🤢