Recent runz

I dun three more runs that I haven’t yet documented:

1) 8K on Saturday – weirdly great. Started slow, which was a good plan as I was then able to get into a good rhythm, keep running and finish fast (in the pouring rain along the river path)

2) 4K on Sunday – weirdly awful. Rob came with me, which was nice, but then he started to feel really dizzy, which was not nice. So we turned back early and mostly walked home.

3) 4K on Tuesday – pointless. Well, probably not pointless, but I went for a run to clear my head after an intense day of R. Except I spent the whole time thinking about an article I’m writing. Then I thought I was 1K further in than I actually was, and when I realised what had happened I lost motivation/hope and started walking.

So. Today I need to go for a proper run, not a 4K run/walk.

Godspeed me!


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