Passive aggression on a sleepy Saturday afternoon

I haven’t been very good at going for a run this week. I’ve been working pretty hard (at work) though, so it’s not like I’m lazy. Lay off me.

I went for a run this morning though. Convinced Rob to join me. A pretty slow 5k around a weird route that included 1) a council estate, 2) too many uphill bits, too early on, 3) a muddy wood 4) three bridges of differing sizes, 5) an over enthusiastic final sprint, and 6) a trip to co-op to buy eggs and beans.

When we got back, I cooked us a much-needed vegetarian full English. Then we had a little snooze and now, shamefully, it’s 16:32. So maybe I’m a little bit lazy after all.

Anyway, the reason for me writing this (other than wanting to document all my boring runs for no one to read) is to stop me instead sending passive aggressive emails. My couple o’ boobs & X chromosomes don’t make me less able to carry out the menial task you’re asking me to do, so please feel free to stop being a dick about it.

Alright. Fine now. 🦄


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