Zero 2 Zurich

Hi nobody! Long time no type at you!

Remember 2015? No Brexit, no Trump, no dead celebrities, little cause for worry about a nuclear holocaust, I ran a marathon, etc… Remember all that?

Well, now it’s 2017 and everything has changed…EXCEPT FOR ONE THING!! (I’ve decided to run a marathon again and document my tedious training experience on this blog.)

With a little help from a friend (he came up with the idea completely), I’m calling the sequel to my 2015 London Marathon adventure “Zero 2 Zurich”, because 1) it’s definitely important to give a CATCHY name to my self-indulgent attempt to become fit, 2) I currently do ZERO running or exercise of any other kind, 3) The marathon may or may not be in ZURICH, which I recently discovered to be one of the prettiest places on earth.

So, come along with me, reader-who-doesn’t-exist, as I tell you all about my running in the hope that it will encourage me to actually do some running.



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