Distance! Travelling! Repossession!

In addition to all that running I’ve been doing/making excuses for not doing, I’ve also joined a netball team with nice people at work. I really liked netball in school and I think I only quit netball club because all the boys I fancied used to skate(board) by the courts after school and I didn’t want them to see me all sweaty and excited about something other than the new Mansun album… Well it turns out my 16-year-old self was wrong. Those boys weren’t even fit, netball is well good and that Mansun album was awful.

Netball is great because it’s fun, not that tiring and not dangerous (in fact, every time you even accidentally bump into someone else the whole game is stopped and the other team take a free pass while you’re made to stand by their side and think about what you’ve done). I think “fun”, “not tiring” and “not dangerous” might apply to all the things I enjoy (going for a drink, going for a meal and going on the internet for a bit, etc.).

Just imagine the best netball team in the world and then double it… That’s us. We haven’t won any matches/games yet and our goal difference currently stands at -59 (not a joke), but what we lack in netballing ability we make up for in enthusiasm, niceness and great looks.


What does all this have to do with that marathon I’m running on Sunday? Good question. Not much. But I’m acutely aware that the only people who read this blog are on this (truly brilliant) netball team and they (beautiful girls that they are) said they’d sponsor me (thousands of pounds) to write a blog about netball. So cough up, ladies.


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