I’ve been a bit rubbish at keeping this blog up to date recently.

By “recently”, I mean since I told people it exists and there’s chance that someone other than me might read it.

I’ve been running though, promise! I went tonight, in fact. 10 miles in the dark. I got a stitch towards the end, which took the shine off a little, but other than that it was pretty good.

My new favourite thing is running in the rain. When it’s properly pissing it down and I can hardly see. I don’t really want to go out when it’s like that, so that’s an issue, but when I’m out and it starts it’s actually pretty fun. I think I might be losing my mind.

Did a run!

Today I managed 10 miles (16 km) of constant running, with none of the wussing out on hills and “short” walking breaks that have featured heavily in my other recent runs… Woohoo!
Here are some stats (love my new GPS watch):




I deliberately went pretty slowly, which was a good move given this is the farthest I’ve run for ages and I didn’t particularly fancy injuring myself.

This was the first long run on my own for a while. It was much more boring (despite having two episodes of The Complete Guide to Everything to keep me company), but I’m sure if Rob had been there I would have moaned at him to “have a walk for a bit”… Not that I have any intention of running on my own more often. I guess we just have to make sure we’re a bit more disciplined… Hmm.


It’s 2015, which means the marathon is THIS year. Slightly terrifying.

I kept up with the running reasonably well over Christmas (I went twice… One really slow, one really fast), but I really need to up my game now. Twice a week isn’t going to be enough. I also need to start doing more “other exercise”. And cut back on booze. And stop ordering takeaways.

Perhaps if I acknowledge these things here, I’ll actually do them. Not like new year’s resolutions, which I never keep, but like a promise to myself to do stuff that’s good for me. Made at the start of the year.