I said before that I find it difficult to end blog posts. Well I find it even harder to name them.

I had a few too many days off my training and it was apparent that I just wasn’t enjoying it. I know it’s not all supposed to be a barrel of laughs, but if I can’t motivate myself/find the time to go running in these early days, I’m hardly going to be able to do it further down the line when the distances start going up. So, after I’d successfully convinced myself that it was all my training schedule’s fault, I decided to change the schedule. Luckily I’m still far enough away from the marathon that this is an option.

I’m using the same app, but I basically just reset it and told it I only want to go running three times per week. I read somewhere that three times is sufficient and reduces the chance of injury. I think this should work well for me, as the thought of not having a rest day between hard runs was really demotivating. It does mean I have to do more cross training, but I quite like the thought of spending more time exercising indoors during these winter months. And swimming’s pretty fun innit.

Another change is that the person I go running with (Rob) has started running again, so I have someone to run with and it’s not all boring and crap anymore. This morning, we ran from St Anne’s to The Cottage at the Harbourside and back. 10km, but it feels like you’re running on Feeder Road for about 8 of those. Not a very interesting route, but nice and flat… It was pretty good 🙂

Feeling a lot more positive about this running malarkey. All I have to do now is keep it up and raise LOADS of money for LLR. Easy…


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