I just went for a pre-work run. This is very out of character, since to say I wasn’t a morning person would be a gross understatement. But I did it! Just knocked out 5k before 8:30*. Like an irritatingly fit, boring person, but with heavier breathing and redder cheeks.

I have a new app (My Asics) on my phone that tells me how far and fast I have to run each day to be in with a chance of completing a marathon. It seems better than other training apps I’ve tried. Mostly because today it wanted me to run 5k at 7.11min/km, which was pretty easy. In fact, I ran about 6.10min/km (cocky) because I don’t think it would be possible to run much slower without walking breaks… Actually, it was mostly because I wanted to get home quicker.

Anyway, I tried using the app to track my run today, but I think I’ll stick to my old app (Map My Run) for that in future. Although the new app is faster and easier to use, it doesn’t seem to have the option of having an annoying American computer lady tell me how I’m doing every kilometre. Consequently, not only did I run too far, but I concocted a ridiculous route that involved too many loops because I was worried that I might not run far enough. I missed my American friend.

I also miss my running partner (for want of a much better name for someone you go running with), who is currently out of action with a housemaid’s knee (this is reasonably amusing). I’m getting so bored towards the end of even short runs. I need some entertainment aside from old podcasts.

The End**.

*fine. 9:00. I’m late for work.

**I find it fairly difficult to end these blogs.


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