Smug Saturday

Well. I’m pretty impressed with myself.

The weather picked up and with it my level of guilt. So I just went for a bloody run. What a winner.

It was more like 1hr 7mins of slowly tripping over my own feet, but I managed to cover 10K with only occasional walking breaks. A few months ago I would’ve been pretty disappointed with that, but a back injury and subsequent two month hiatus mean I’m horribly unfit at the moment and am taking it slowly.

The running itself was fine. Reassuringly, I didn’t have any back pain. Just a little ache in my right ankle in the final couple of kilometres. It was nice to be back out running in the depressing bleakness of Brislington. No, really. Although, wet leaves are an Autumnal hazard I hadn’t anticipated, despite having lived through 30 Autumns.


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