Hi. Hello. I’m not entirely sure who will ever read this, but it’s nice to start with a greeting or two.

I’m a person (female) called Gemma and the most important thing you need to know about me is that I’ve signed up to the 2015 London Marathon. Understanding that really is key to understanding why this blog exists.

It’s a horrible day today. Water everywhere and cold. I’m in bed feeling guilty for not going for a run. About an hour ago, I started trying to alleviate my guilt by convincing myself that I don’t need to start my training yet. I turned to Google, who taught me that, no, I really do need to start my training. It also taught me that keeping a blog about running experiences is absolutely crucial to success. Perhaps more absolutely crucial than the running itself. That was my interpretation, at least.

So, here is my blog about my running experiences. I’ll probably also often mention my fundraising experiences, since I’m attempting to raise a large amount of money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. I anticipate that the next few months may involve a perpetual internal monologue along the lines of: Should go for a run… Don’t want to… But it’s all for a good cause… Oh god I need to  raise so much money… Should bake a cake to sell for money… But what about all the running… etc. until I have a meltdown. At least it will all be documented.


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